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Pride and Quality

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Safe Brakes Are the Best Brakes

Can you count on your brakes when you need them most? Come to Reed's Auto Repair for the brake service and repairs that give you confidence in your vehicle's stopping ability.

Brakes are meant to wear out, so keep an ear open for the telltale squeals that let you know it's time for new pads. Our ASE Certified Technicians can perform all the regular service that your brakes need, and you always get quality parts.

•  Pad and rotor replacement and installation

•  Brake replacement

•  ABS diagnostics, service, and repair

Routine maintenance

In addition to regular preventative maintenance, you can have us repair anything that's wrong with your car's brakes and related systems.

•  Shocks and struts

•  Caliper replacement

•  Brake line leak repair

Less common brake repairs

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You get up to 1 year of warranty on our brake repair labor, plus our full support of the factory warranties on your replacement parts.