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Pride and Quality

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Specialized Service for Antique Vehicles

If you have trouble finding a mechanic for your antique, classic, or vintage car, bring it to Reed's Auto Repair. We love old cars! You'll find the specialized services older vehicles need.

It's hard to find an auto shop willing to put in the time and work necessary to keep some of the older cars on the road. In our shop, you'll meet people who love the good old days and the cars they just don't make anymore.


It might take us a bit longer to track down a rare part, but it's worth it to keep your antique vehicle running.

Respect for the classics

You'll find the tender loving care that your older car or truck needs, plus the skill that it takes to keep some of those old systems functioning.

•  Carbureted engines

•  Vintage electrical systems

•  Drum brakes

•  Old suspensions

TLC for older engines

Call today to book service for your antique car


Even older cars get our warranty on the labor (up to 1 year) and our full support of the factory warranties on the replacement parts.